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SI-EtherCAT allows Control Techniques general purpose and servo drives to connect and interface with EtherCAT networks.

  • RJ45 ports for shielded twisted-pair cable
  • 10/100 Mbs
  • Full and half duplex operation
  • Two 100 Mbps EtherCAT ports suitable for daisy chaining
  • Control loop synchronization
  • Control loop cycle times from 250 μs
  • Configurable drive alias
  • CANopen over EtherCAT bus (CoE) incl:
  1. Support for CANopen CiA402 Cyclic position synchronisation mode
  2. Position interpolation mode Speed mode
  3. Referral mode
  4. 1 output and 1 input PDO
  5. SDO access to all objects and parameters of the drive
  6. Cyclic speed synchronization mode
  7. Cyclic torque synchronisation mode

Product code: 82400000018000

Type: SI-Module

Suitable for

Commander C200 Commander C300 M700 M701 M702 M751