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SI-Applications Plus

SI-Applications Plus modules allow SyPTPro application programs to be recompiled and executed with Unidrive M700 to enable rapid and simple upgrade for Unidrive SP users.

  • Enhanced high speed dedicated microprocessor
  • 384 kB Flash memory for user program
  • 80 kB user program memory
  • EIA-RS485 port offering ANSI, Modbus-RTU follower and master and Modbus-ASCII follower and master protocols
  • CTNet high speed network connection offering up to 5 Mbit/s data rate
  • Two 24 V digital inputs
  • Two 24 V digital outputs
  • Task based programming system for real-time control
  • CTSync distributes a master position to multiple drives on a network. Hardware synchronization of speed, position and torque loops achieving a time base of 250 μs

Product code: 82400000016500

Type: SI-Module

Suitable for

M700 M701 M702 E300