AC drive COMMANDER S and MARSHAL app - Simple Applications Simply
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Easy to use - no specialized skills required to setup and execute motion - no coding!

Reliable and Economical - less labor and components to integrate motion.

Flexible - one setup process for a wide range of motion applications.

PTi210 is a cost effective way to provide simple, fast and effective motion control solutions with PowerTools Studio configuration software.

5 high speed digital I/O points (3 inputs & 2 outputs) in addition to the on-board drive I/O.

1.5 axis synchronized encoder following with an optional encoder system integration module.

Rapid integration for applications such as:

  • Conveyor Synchronization
  • Parts Alignment
  • Rotary Knife
  • Electronic Gearing
  • Phase Synchronization
  • Feed to Sensor/Torque
  • Point-To-Point Positioning
  • Thermoforming
  • Flying Cutoff
  • Product Spacing
  • Traverse Winding
  • Labeling and Printing
  • Random Infeed Control
  • Web Control
  • Multi-lane Merge Control
  • Registration Control.......and many more!

1.5 axis motion controller.

Same physical format as our SI and MCi option modules.

Part Nr.: 82400000021400

Type: SI-Module

Drive compatibility:

M700, M701, M702, Digitax HD