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M701-08-4-01570-A-75 kW


Unidrive M701 drives are a complete control system, including Modus RTU communication for precise control of asynchronous motors in open or closed loop, servo motors, permanent magnet motors in open or closed loop.
Direct integration with safety systems.

  • Integrated STO input (SIL 3).
  • Safe movement function with SI-Safety module.
  • Integrated Modbus RTU communication.
  • Built-in IT and HTTP web communication.
  • Ideal for centralized and decentralized control.
  • Built-in PLC programmable logic.
  • IEC61131-3 programming.
  • 3 available SI slots for expansion modules (PLC, Fieldbus, I/O...).
  • Thanks to AFE, the inverter can also be used for recuperation.
  • Integrated encoder input (up to 2 inputs and 1 simulated output).
  • Integrated Machine Controller - electronic shaft, cam and other positioning functions directly in the inverter.
  • Advanced system control with Mci module.
  • Optional multi-language LCD keypad available for quick programming and diagnostics.
  • SD card or SmartCard option for storing and copying parameters or PLC programs.


Videos are available on YouTube.

Technical specifications

  • Rated output current157 A
  • Rated power75 kW
  • DimensionsŇ° 285 x v 753 x h 290