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Variable Speed Drives

High quality variable speed drives for motor control from  100V to 690V, from 0,25kW to 2,8MW.

Our drives not only meet common requirements such as variability of use and affordable price - they offer you much more! Our variable speed drives feature high performace and they are equipped with programmable internal logic (PLC), among other things. Thanks to the added functions, reliable drive power control is guaranteed with the possibility of the motor control optimization according to the type of application (conveyors, fans, pumps, lifts, etc.). Our drives are equiped with multiple of additional functions (PID controller, logic functions, comparators, motor brake control, ...) and the utility features can be further extended by additional modules and applications. Wide control options and easy operability, user programmability, reliable power control and excellent technical support are all reasons why Control Techniques drives are the ideal solution for your drive control.