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Modular M000-09-4-02240-DU-AB-110 kW


The M000 series (modular) is a drive model that consists of a fixed power section and an optional control section.

The stock Module M000-09-4-02240-DU-AB-110 kW contains the following parts:

  • Control part M701 - Control Master
  • Rectifier - M-RECT - 10404520A
  • Input choke INL402
  • 4200-4460 filter

Moduláry s řídící částí M701 - Control Master představují komplexní řídící systém, včetně modulu Modus RTU komunikace pro přesné řízení asynchronních motorů v otevřené nebo uzavřené smyčce, dále servomotorů, motorů s permanentními magnety v otevřené nebo uzavřené smyčce.
Direct integration with safety systems.

  • Integrated STO input (SIL 3).
  • Safe movement function with SI-Safety module.
  • Integrated Modbus RTU communication.
  • Built-in IT and HTTP web communication.
  • Ideal for centralized and decentralized control.
  • Built-in PLC programmable logic.
  • IEC61131-3 programming.
  • 3 available SI slots for expansion modules (PLC, Fieldbus, I/O...).
  • Thanks to AFE, the inverter can also be used for recuperation.
  • Integrated encoder input (up to 2 inputs and 1 simulated output).
  • Integrated Machine Controller - electronic shaft, cam and other positioning functions directly in the inverter.
  • Advanced system control with Mci module.
  • Optional multi-language LCD keypad available for quick programming and diagnostics.
  • SD card or SmartCard option for storing and copying parameters or PLC programs.

Technical specifications

  • Rated output current224 A
  • Rated power110 kW