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Module with a second processor for programming PLC applications using the CODESYS development tool. The module also includes expanded program memory and its own dual-port Ethernet switch, allowing the M700 drives to have simultaneous connections to two separate Ethernet networks.

  • Programming with Machine Control Studio (CoDeSys)
  • Programming languages (IEC 61131-3): Structured Text (ST)
  • Ladder diagram (LD), Function block diagram (FBD), Sequence function diagram (SFC) and Instruction list (IL). Continuous Function Chart (CFC) is also supported.
  • Two Ethernet ports with internal switch
  • RTMoE for PTP synchronization (IEEE 1588)
  • Modbus TCP/IP master
  • Control via two separate Ethernet networks
  • 3× digital input
  • 1× digital input/output
  • 1× digital output

Product code: 82400000016700

Type: SI-Module

Suitable for

M700 M701 M702 M751 M753